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 Trailer created by Manuel Stieger (2015)


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Update Notes 2.1.1


 Trailer created by Manuel Stieger (Version 2.1.0  2015)

Music: "Conquest of Kings" Peter Gunder


Game Developer Team (GDT) Letter February 2015

Hi players,
a new month, a new upcoming major update 2.1.0. 
It’s no secret that the Graphical update 3.0 of Towers of Altrac will be the biggest part of the next update. Today we take a look on the several parts of 2.1.0 and give a view on the next updates till summer 2015.

Update 2.1.0

The upcoming graphical update will improve all maps with better bump-mapped 1/2k HD textures. Several environment objects have now PBR textures and some maps have now better lightning and brightness. We also re-designed the main menu of the game, to give you a better start into the game. In the same step we added 3D models for your avatar in the menu. 
Another new parts of the update are the Trading Cards for Towers of Altrac and a totally renewed video tutorial with a menu. It contains parts like GUI, Navigation, Minimap, Tower handling, Special abilities, Enemies and SAD system. 

There is a lot of more new things in 2.1.0, as an outstanding example the new multiple death sounds and animations for orcs and goblins. We also added sounds for wave starts and broken gates or destroyed target shields on the map. All birds have now new death sounds and new animations. All of this will improve Towers of Altrac with the upcoming update and gives you a better gameplay. 
A very important technical update is the new Vsync Option. You can find this new option in Graphic Quality and it helps to set a FPS limit for ToA. 


Next major update 2.2.0 : The Towers

Next important step will be update 2.2.0. The development of the new towers depends on our time resources and success of the game, but we have a step by step plan to improve several towers. 

More future updates

After or during the tower updates, there are a several possibilities how we go on with our work on ToA. Beside a better multiplayer communication, bugfixes and better balancing, we could add new content (maps) and game modes. It always depends on the general interest in ToA. 
We read all comments, reviews, suggestions and are always in contact with the community and people who are interested in Towers of Altrac. We hope our newest update will show you that there is no standstill in the development of Towers of Altrac. 
We move straight forward. 

Thanks for listening and playing the game – don’t miss update 2.1.0 in the first week of March and a new sales promotion in the beginning of March 2015!

Protek alias. Manuel Stieger, Community Manager

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Game Developer Team (GDT) Letter January 2015

Hi everybody,

Before we move on to speak about upcoming updates and new features, we want to thank all Steam Greenlight supporters and new fans of Towers of Altrac. We would not have the opportunity today to improve the game without your support and feedback after the release. 

Today I’d like to take a quick look back to the update 2.0.2 and 2.0.3, before talking about our plan for the next update. 

Our first update 2.0.2, after the release day at 5th January was filled with bugfixes in several areas of the game. We added nation descriptions for a better understanding of the three nations and fixed other graphical issues. 
We want to move on in the future with fast bugfix patches for major problems. An important bugfix for the Join lobby function was another part of our first update. The multiplayer is still on beta status, because we have planned several updates 2015 with new functionalities like a lobby chat and more stability. 

The second update 2.0.3, just released on 26th January, offers new control options with keybinding and new shortcuts. We also updated the first 12 maps in the game with new shader and some maps are redesigned. A new multi-tower placement function should help in stressful situations and we added a tower overview in the main menu. The balancing of the game is always an important point and we observe the situation of every map for single player and multiplayer. 

Let’s take a look on the next updates for February/March 2015

Graphical update 3.0 – all maps and towers for 2.0.4 and 2.0.x

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The most striking update of Towers of Altrac, if we talking about graphics, will be our upcoming graphical update for all maps with a new terrain shader (bump-mapping, parallax mapping and more) for every map. This map updates need time, because every map in the game gets more details. Precisely for this reason, our first step with 2.0.3 was an update for every 4 beginner maps of Eldran, Kalthan and Dreoks. 
The simple reason for this late updates of our maps, we did not have the necessary stable terrain shaders up in January. 

After 2.0.4 or in the same update, we will improve our towers with new PBR shaders and redesign towers if we think it’s necessary. 

Another point is the improvement of the multiplayer communication with a new lobby chat. That should provide a better game start for co-op or multiplayer with random people. This will need some time, because we have to change our system and test it on test-live mode. 
We always try to quickly implement your feedback or bug report in our updates. Of course, we bring additional patches for major and smaller bugs, if we find some or receive reports from the community. 

More about future updates and new content in our next GDT Letter for February 2015. 

Thanks for listening and supporting the game – We hope it will be a year of big improvements and new features for Altrac.

Protek alias. Manuel Stieger, Community Manager


 Trailer created by Manuel Stieger (Beta Version 2012)

Music: "When Angels Met Me" Atmostra by Jonathan Ochmann and Zdravko Djordjevic -

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Update 2.1.0 - March 2015

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